Is “Green” Misleading?

Trinity Property Consultants and Green Apartment Living“Eco-friendly,” “organic,” “green,” and “natural” are all buzz words used to appeal to the environmentally-conscious consumer. There is a widespread effort to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate household items that are not “green.” This movement has motivated marketers to be overzealous in their attempts to sway consumers purchasing decisions.

The process of making products appear to be more eco-friendly is called “greenwashing.” Many manufacturing practices for the creation of “green” products are actually very toxic to our environment. Here are a few products that may not be as “green” as we would assume:

  1. 100% natural products can still contain harmful preservatives.
  2. Products that “contain organic ingredients” usually only have one organic ingredient.
  3. 25% recycled paper products are still bleached and include additional tree destruction that offsets any benefits from recycling.

Although many of us are promoting “green-living” in our everyday lives, we may be unaware of the harm we are causing by using toxic products that have been advertised as “earth friendly” and “environmentally safe.” The Better Business Bureau advises consumers to confirm all “eco-friendly” claims prior to making purchases based on advertising and labeling:

  • Research the product and the manufacturer and look for specific information to substantiate their “green” claims.
  • Determine whether the claims apply to the product, packaging or both.
  • Confirm that recycle symbols logos aren’t fake.
  • If you believe a business is using deceptive “green” advertising, file a complaint with your Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

Trinity Property Consultants believe that conserving energy and natural resources is the best way to maintain a sustainable environment. Please continue to follow along with our Living Green updates to learn more about reducing your carbon footprint.

Universal Recycling Symbol Image Courtesy of Ilmari Karonen
  • Jonathan Fox

    I believe “green” has gotten a lot of hype while there are good intentions behind the motives. In my industry, heating and air, I may use the term “green” but I try to help people truly become efficient with their central air units. Yes, not all products and service we provide are the most “green” but focusing on what we can do to be conservative and efficient is a good start.